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Top 7 Diets of 2011 Rated By Everyday Health

Hello, jeff noel, The Blog Whisperer here, writing about Life’s Big Choices.

Everyday for 26 months straight, that’s over 4,000 blog posts. It’s a bit hard to comprehend because no one else on the Internet approaches life balance and wellness the same.

As a baby boomer Dad, with a young son (10), I just want to be a good parent. Nothing fancy. Anyway, when I don’t have time to write short, pithy posts at Mid Life Celebration, LLC, I post at Life’s Big Choices, The Blog Whisperer, Wellness Challenge, jeff noel 60 and Leadership Is Like Training A Puppy. For real.

One of Life’s Big Choices is our Physical responsibility, which I write about everyday at So, for example…

Here’s a list of the top 7 diets of 2011, as rated by Everyday Health.