Would you rather watch movies or get an MBA?

Moneyball starring Brad pitt
Moneyball starring Brad pitt

Would you rather watch movies or get an MBA?

Like I said yesterday, there are simple, profound things we can do that teach us as much as any MBA classroom, professor-led program can teach. Maybe more.

Disclaimer: There is no intent here to rattle anybody’s cage. But if it does, it may just be that I’m closer to the truth than most will admit.

Watching this movie coming back from Paris, while having filet mignon, something happened. I sat up and really paid attention. Had no idea the most amazing lesson was going to be presented at such an unlikely time.

Notice the napkin (and the steak) in the photo. I couldn’t write fast enough….

hidden messages
moneyball, based on a true story... (and a filet mignon)

“There is an epidemic failure in the game of baseball to understand what is really happening….baseball asks all the wrong questions, if I say something, I’m a leper.”

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