What’s easier than, and just as effective as, a Master’s degree?

first class cabin
perfect time to start drinking
first class cabin
this was the appetizer

What’s easier than, and just as effective as, a Master’s degree?

Do you have complete comfort in going up to anyone and asking them anything? I learn as much in this single activity as in a Master’s degree program

The other day (April 26) in a Montgomery, Alabama airport, Garrison Keillor¬†was traveling with me. Well, not with me, but… never mind. Anyway, I didn’t ask him anything, not even when we sat next to one another in the terminal. But the guy to my left, well, that’s another story…

But the real question came on a March 22 US Air flight from Paris to Charlotte. As a really nice lunch was being served in first class, I asked the flight attendant a very compelling question, “Of the 20 first class passengers, how many of us are not drinking alcohol?”

Two out of 20.

Business travel takes a toll most people look the other way at. Heck, simply being in a leadership position takes a toll. Life is good, and it is also hard.

The paradox? Being a business traveler, and/or a leader can be the highlight of our professional career and the one thing that gives us the most opportunity to serve others.

The discipline I’ve gained in not succumbing to the overwhelming odds, priceless.

Can you imagine the opportunities that lie outside the borders of this simple example of asking anyone anything?

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