Before we begin, are you satisfied with your leadership

As of Summer 2018…


leadership content
Leadership, 1,960,000,000 (almost two billion) options for all tabs: News, Images, Videos, Books, More.



leadership content
Leadership, nearly half a billion (477 million) videos to choose from.



leadership content
Leadership, under “Books” tab reveals 226 million options.



Disney Leadership book context: the biggest challenge is where to start.

Before we begin, may i ask you, “Are you satisfied with your leadership?”

And by the way, you have anonymity, right now, with your answer – so relax, be real, and lean into discomfort just enough for your truth to be set free.

So let me ask you again…

Take a deep breath…


Another slow, deep breath as you hear this again…

Are you satisfied?


Your leadership reputation and your results.

Are you satisfied?

Your answer?

My answer?

An educated guess says our answers match.

That’s why you’re reading this book and that’s why i needed to write this book.


•  •  •



Everyone wants to improve.

There are exceptions to every rule, but there aren’t many.

You and i are not the exceptions.



Dissatisfaction can and should be used as a tool to gain a competitive advantage. This is huge. It’s not for everyone. For those who understand that the long way is the shortcut, it’s transformational.




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