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Life’s (5) Big Choices Simplified

Yeah, that's me in the blue shirt...

Life’s (5) Big Choices simplified:

Mind – find the good in every situation
Body – diet, exercise, rest
Spirit – faith, hope and love
Money – whatever you are, be a good one
HQ – the paperwork of life – do it now

Like it has been for most people, work life balance has been misrepresented to me my whole life. When I finally became a parent in 2000 (at 41), I came up with this new model – Life’s Big Choices.

I’ve written for nearly three straight years without missing a day. And by writing, I mean posting in all five blogs. Every single day. Surpassed 5,000 posts last year. Sure, pretty crazy.

To be clear though, I don’t write for the numbers. I write to help people think, smile and be grateful.

Disclosure: the whole thing started as an innocent, but fairly desperate 100-day challenge to leave a trail for our young son (then eight) in case something bad ever happened to me.

Life is not a dress rehearsal.

The five main blogs are all interconnected, and can be read each day in less than 90 seconds.

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