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Balance revisited, 2013-style

Balance, revisited…

And just for effect, imagine neglecting just one of the five, the impact on the other four.

Our most pressing life opportunities can be chunked into five major categories:

mental – we think
physical – we move
spiritual – we feel
career – we work
home – we nest (yes nest)

The one, fail-proof way to tackle them?

Very small, bite-sized chunks.

Just do one tiny, good deed in each area, each day.

In one week, that’s 35 good deeds, seven in each category.

In a month, we rack up 150, or 30 deposits each.

The most important aspect is that it’s small enough to get done with minimal effort.

The other key is to do it every single day.

Just five daily, tiny good things…

…nets us 1,825 annual good deed deposits, 365 in each: mind, body, spirit, work, home.

The fine print:

If we expect someone to tell us what to do, we’ll never remember. If we discover it for ourselves, we’ll never forget.

By jeff noel

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