When In Doubt

What would you do to keep your job?

lying to customers?

A friend from Gold’s Gym shared that he was asked to lie to his new car buying customers.

To blatantly lie to them?



“Yes, you can return your brand new vehicle for any reason if you don’t like it. No questions asked”.

He asked his boss, “What happens if/when the customer actually returns a vehicle”?

We tell them, “Sorry, you signed the contract/papers”.

Buyer beware.

Life is hard.

And full of bad people.

PS. My friend took the job not knowing, but quit once he discovered it.

When In Doubt

Change A Man In Midstream?

There's still time to edit your life's highlights.

You can’t change a the past, but you can change the future. So the answer is yes. Yes, you can change a man in midstream.

Mid Life Celebration is the inspiration I found through years of contemplative prayer and deep, unstoppable thinking. It’s a place to learn how to reThink, rePrioritize and reCommit.

A midlife crisis, as I define it, is when we finally reach our childhood dreams, only to realize that those dreams we dreamt long ago are not what we want today.

When In Doubt

jeff noel Asks If Waiting 3 Months Between Blog Posts Is A Smart Move

Sure, jeff noel, The Blog Whisperer, The Internet’s Only Five-A-Day Blogger, writes five daily, short, pithy posts about Life’s Big Choices. Lots of writers write a lot. It’s hard to stay with it, and easy to complain. When we are tempted to complain, maybe we should just shut up and listen…

When In Doubt

Watching American Idol Can Inspire You In Ways You Couldn’t Predict

Watching American Idol Can Inspire You In Ways You Couldn’t Predict. Goodbye Haley. So you won’t win the title, but sing anyway.

We’ll see you on the other side, selling a ton of music. You were jeff noel’s pick. His wife’s pick too.

And to the rest of us, let’s do what we passionately need, or want, to do.